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Do you want air time?
If you want air time and stream time, we can help. KSVB wants new artists. We will play your song on the air and on the stream at no cost to you. It will be added to our "new artists" rotation, which plays every 30 minutes.

Just submit your song to submit@ksvbfm.com. If your music is on Radio Submit, or AirPlay Direct just provide your artist name and song and we will download it.

Requirements and conditions:
  • MP3 format including proper meta-data with Title, Artist, and Album (if any)
  • No obscene or explicit songs will be accepted
  • All songs are subject to review and inappropriate songs will not be played
  • By submitting the song to KSVB, you grant a license to play on the air and stream without royalties.

All songs played are listed at #ksvbfmplaylist
Follow @ksvbfmplaylist for updates on the playlist
Follow @ksvbfm for up-to-date news and announcements

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